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Moto World (UK) Ltd. are the sole UK importers for eni and Agip Oils.
We offer eni and Agip lubricants for wholesale, trade and retail purposes. We also offer oil for agricultural, hydraulic and industrial applications.

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Compressor Oils

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Compressors are used in all industrial complexes and wherever compressed air or gas is used to power tools and run air conditioning and heating systems, as well as for a host of other uses.

The lubrication of compressors is extremely important because when a gas is compressed the oil is subject to thermo-oxidising stress and, in the case of refrigeration compressors, to extremely low temperatures. Compressor oils are therefore very complex products, the production of which requires outstanding technical expertise and raw materials of the highest quality.

These oils can be produced from different types of mineral or synthetic bases, depending on the physical-chemical properties required by the specific end-use.

Please contact the Moto World sales team for more information on turbine oils. In order for us to best deal with your requirements, please have the name of the eni or Agip product your require available.

Compressor Oil Catalogue (Italian)


AGIP ACER lubricants are superior quality oils for use in circulation systems and in hydraulic circuits. They are obtained from selected paraffinic base stocks treated with antioxidant and antirust additives (R & O oils, ISO-L-CBK and ISO-L-HL classifications).

They are available in many grades, which cover a very broad range of viscosity and are therefore able to meet all requirements of practical interest.


AGIP DICREA oils are designed for the lubrication of air compressors (rotary and the reciprocating types). The lower grades (ISO 32, 46, 68) are formulated utilizing highly refined group II base stocks while the other grades are formulated from selected paraffinic base stocks. All grades are treated with antioxidant antirust and antiwear additives.

Dicrea SX

AGIP DICREA SX lubricants are synthetic oils with a polyalphaolefin base treated with antioxidant, antirust and antiwear additives. They are specifically designed for the lubrication of air compressors.

Dicrea ESX

AGIP DICREA ESX 100 lubricant is a synthetic oil with a ester base treated with antioxidant, antirust and antiwear additives. It is specifically designed for the lubrication of reciprocating air compressors.

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