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Lubricant Guide (Side)

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Moto World (UK) Ltd. are the sole UK importers for eni and Agip Oils.
We offer eni and Agip lubricants for wholesale, trade and retail purposes. We also offer oil for agricultural, hydraulic and industrial applications.

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Moto World (UK) Ltd.
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Gear Oil

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Whatever the engine application, transmissions play a key role in ensuring constant, smooth power delivery from the engine when and where it is needed. In this field too, eni have created a range of high quality, innovative products.

Rotra MP 80w-90

Hypoid gear oil for highly loaded gears in vehicles and machines.

Rotra MP 85w-140

Hypoid gear oil for highly loaded gears in vehicles and machines.

Rotra LSX 75w-90

AGIP ROTRA LSX is a special, completely synthetic lubricant for manual transmissions, specifically formulated for the lubrication of the most sophisticated types of gearbox/differentials in modern high performance cars.

Rotra SX-S 75w-90

Fully synthetic hypoid transmission oil with highest-pressure properties (EP) and limited-slip (LS) additives for extreme load in locking differentials.

Rotra HY 80w-90

Gear oil for vehicles and working machines.

Rotra MP DB 85w-90

Hypoid gear oil especially for motor vehicles and machines of Daimler Benz.

Rotra MP/S 85w-90

Special multi-purpose gear oil with highest pressure properties and changed friction value (Limited Slip) for the use in motor vehicle axle drives with and without self-locking differential.

Rotra MP 75w-80

The product AGIP ROTRA MP 75W-80W is a lubricant for gears that has been especially realised for the lubricant requirements of the group gear-differential, which need a level API GL-5 and the graduation SAE 75W-80W and particularly suitable for the vehicles of Peugeot, Talbot and Citroen (gear MA-BE1/BE3/axle arch J5 4x4), Rover (series 100, 200 and 400) and for several new models of Renault.

Rotra Multigear 75w-80

AGIP ROTRA MULTIGEAR is an EP (Extreme Pressure) gear oil suitable for use in the heavy-duty manual gear box and can be recommended for transmissions fitted with intarders and retarders systems.


Agip CHF (Central Hydraulic Fluid) is a special green synthetic fluid for first-fill and refilling of power steerings and integrated hydraulic circulation (power steering/suspensions/power brakes and transmissions) of vehicles with corresponding manufacturer's specification. Especially the requirements of AUDI, VW, VOLVO, Maserati, MB and ALFA ROMEO are met. Agip CHF also meets the requirements of BMW until September '91. It must not be applied in hydraulic systems with other specifications than above, also not in hydraulic brake systems, which could cause serious problems.

LHM Super

AGIP LHM SUPER is a special green-coloured hydraulic fluid formulated from a mineral base oil for factory fill and topping-up the hydraulic and brake systems of vehicles for which the manufacturer prescribes the use of an LHM type product. It is used in the centralized hydraulic systems and "full-power" brake systems of FIAT and CITROEN trucks for which an LHM fluid is specified.

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