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Lubricant Guide (Side)

About Us

Moto World (UK) Ltd. are the sole UK importers for eni and Agip Oils.
We offer eni and Agip lubricants for wholesale, trade and retail purposes. We also offer oil for agricultural, hydraulic and industrial applications.

Contact us:
Moto World (UK) Ltd.
Tel. - (01992) 464 199
Fax. - (01992) 441 866

Agricultural Oil

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A result of Eni research, The Eni Group has always been committed to research with a view to providing the right solution for every type of engine.

Changing techniques have led them to look at specific solutions (low SAPS and consumption reduction) for all agricultural equipment and machinery. Our lubricants (engine oils, transmission or hydraulic oils, lubricating greases or even STOU lubricants for various gearboxes and wet brakes) comply with the strict expectations of the manufacturers, as well as the low SAPS-content and fuel economy requirements of the clients.

Through the AGIP brand, we offer you the products from a market leader and a brand which is to be found all over Europe.

All production units are certified ISO 9002 and are also ISO 14001 standard compliant in terms of environmental standards.

Please contact the Moto World sales team for more information on agricultural oils. In order for us to best deal with your requirements, please have the name of the eni or Agip product your require available.

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