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Lubricant Guide (Side)

About Us

Moto World (UK) Ltd. are the sole UK importers for eni and Agip Oils.
We offer eni and Agip lubricants for wholesale, trade and retail purposes. We also offer oil for agricultural, hydraulic and industrial applications.

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Moto World (UK) Ltd.
Tel. - (01992) 464 199
Fax. - (01992) 441 866

Bike Oil

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From Eni research comes a line of superior quality motorcycle and scooter lubricants that offer improved power, performance and reliability for all types of engine.

The commitment and competence of our researchers have enabled us to achieve the highest standards of technological excellence and to formulate increasingly innovative products able to meet the needs of all our customers.

Eni i-Ride is consequently a complete range of special products with the best technology to guarantee maximum reliability, ideal even for the most demanding motorcyclists.

All of our products are subjected to the most severe tests to ensure that they conform to the highest quality and performance standards. (API, ACEA, JASO).

eni i-Ride 2- & 4-Stroke Engine Oil

The Eni i-Ride lubricants range is born out of the Agip tradition and experience, consolidated by Eni’s cutting edge research and technology.

Eni’s research has produced a high-performance lubricant line for motorbikes and scooters, guaranteeing power, exceptional results and reliability for any type of engine.

The effort and expertise of our researchers allow us to reach high levels of technological excellence and formulate, growingly innovative products that satisfy the requirements of any user.

Eni i-Ride is a complete range of special highly technological products that guarantee an excellent reliability, ideal even for the most demanding of motorcycle riders.

All our products undergo severe engine testing in order to respond to the highest quality and performance standards (API, JASO).

Gear Oil

Whatever the engine application, transmissions play a key role in ensuring constant, smooth power delivery from the engine when and where it is needed. In this field too, eni have created a range of high quality, innovative products.

Eni Rotra is a line of lubricants designed to satisfy the demands of manual gearboxes. Suitable to also be used for scooters. Its specific composition caters for a high protection of the gears (in particular for long distances), as well as consistent performance over time.


Ready-to-use, biodegradable coolant; nitrite-, amine-, phosphate free.

Designed to be used as is, without dilution in water, directly in the cooling circuits of scooters and motorcycles. Formulated with the innovative organic additive technology O.A.T. (Organic Acid Technology).

Specifically recommended for extended change intervals.

Brake & Clutch Fluid

Special fluids designed for braking systems and for servo motor commands for hydraulic clutches. Our line guarantees maximum efficiency and quickness of braking action.

The specific composition prevents the dangerous phenomenon of vapour lock, ensures perfect efficiency of the braking circuit and guarantees chemical compatibility with the rubber seals.

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