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Lubricant Guide (Side)

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Moto World (UK) Ltd. are the sole UK importers for eni and Agip Oils.
We offer eni and Agip lubricants for wholesale, trade and retail purposes. We also offer oil for agricultural, hydraulic and industrial applications.

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Moto World (UK) Ltd.
Tel. - (01992) 464 199
Fax. - (01992) 441 866

Marine Oil

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Eni produces oils that lubricate motors that extend from small outboards to naval, from recreational to those intended for large naval ships operating with less refined fuels. These are high performance lubricants formulated to respond to the ever-growing needs of these special motors.

In addition to considering the delicacy of the application, particular attention is paid to the environmental impact, trying to reconcile the lubricant needs with the need to produce products which are compatible with the environment.

Please contact the Moto World sales team for more information on marine oils. In order for us to best deal with your requirements, please have the name of the eni or Agip product your require available.

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