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Moto World (UK) Ltd. are the sole UK importers for eni and Agip Oils.
We offer eni and Agip lubricants for wholesale, trade and retail purposes. We also offer oil for agricultural, hydraulic and industrial applications.

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Moto World (UK) Ltd.
Tel. - (01992) 464 199
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The Superformance Group

The Superformance Group

Moto World UK Ltd. are part of the Superformance Group.

Superformance UK Ltd are one of the world's leading classic Ferrari parts specialists.

Hydraulic Oil

Products |  Hydraulic Oil

Of the many types of oil products on the market, hydraulic oils are one of the most widely used and have a vast range of applications from hydraulic machinery used to power mechanical shovels, buckets and other earth-moving equipment, to the steering systems of ships and aircraft and to enormous industrial presses capable of exerting thousands of tons of pressure. When we want to employ large amounts of power or ensure that mechanical parts work perfectly, we need to be able to count on a hydraulic fluid that provides lubrication and ensures that machinery always functions.

While Eni produces a vast range of products that have entirely different characteristics, what they do have in common is the high quality of the raw materials and production standards employed and the amount of attention given to the environmental impact that characterize all Eni products sold under the Agip brand. Additional information about all our products and the technical assistance we offer can be obtained from the Eni Refining&Marketing commercial structure nearest to you.

Hydraulic Oil Catalogue


AGIP ACER lubricants are superior quality oils for use in circulation systems and in hydraulic circuits. They are obtained from selected paraffinic base stocks treated with antioxidant and antirust additives (R & O oils, ISO-L-CBK and ISO-L-HL classifications).

They are available in many grades, which cover a very broad range of viscosity and are therefore able to meet all requirements of practical interest.


AGIP OSO are high quality lubricants designed to be used as functional fluids in all types of hydraulic systems and plants. They are blended from high quality paraffin bases with antirust, antioxidant and antiwear additives.


AGIP ARNICA are superior quality mineral antiwear hydraulic oils, with a very high viscosity index, developed to satisfy the needs of modern oleodynamic plants that operate in the severest conditions. The products of the AGIP ARNICA series are characterised by a high antiwear capacity and by an excellent thermo-oxidative stability, ensure prompt de-emulsification, rapid release of entrained air, high flash point and excellent filterability; the compatibility of the fluid with rubber and paints and its resistance to chemical attack, also guarantees the complete protection of the components of the circuit.

Their performance places AGIP ARNICA at the top in the field of hydraulic oils. AGIP ARNICA are also suited to work in the most severe conditions, as demonstrated by tests carried out on piston and vane pumps made by the major manufacturers, such as Eaton-Vickers and Denison.

Exida HG

AGIP EXIDIA HG are specific fluids developed for machine tools, where one product is needed for lubricating the guide and for driving the oleodynamic controls.

Precis HLP

Mineral hydraulic oil with additives against corrosion, oil-aging and wear.

Arnica S

Fast biodegradable hydraulic fluids based on synthetic ester for all hydraulic systems.

Arnica SA 19

Agip Arnica SA 19 is a mineral based lubricant containing additives to improve viscosity index, lower the pour point and reduce wear. It's special polar additives modify the coefficient of friction between moving parts. In consequence Agip Arnica SA 19 is particularly suitable for filling shock absorber mechanisms for most vehicles.


Adhesive oils based on mineral oil with excellent lubrication properties and especially high wetting capacity.


AGIP ASP C is a compounded mineral oil suitable for the lubrication of pneumatic equipment. The two grades differ only as regards viscosity.

Chainsaw Oil

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New Products

i-Sint 10w-40, synthetic 4 Ltr.

i-Sint 10w-40, synthetic 4 Ltr.

i-Sint MS 5w-40, synthetic 4 Ltr.

i-Sint MS 5w-40, synthetic 4 Ltr.

eni i-Ride moto 20w-50, top synthetic 1 Ltr.

eni i-Ride moto 20w-50, top synthetic 1 Ltr.